Considering a commercial lease or purchase this spring? Three reasons to consider a real estate attorney

If you are looking for a commercial lease or purchase this spring, you are likely already working with a commercial real estate agent. So, you might also be asking yourself, do I REALLY need a real estate attorney?

After all, it’s an added expense and you are likely already working within a budget.

However, a real estate attorney can save you money – and headaches – down the road. Remember, a commercial real estate agent knows the market and can be of great help in determining value, but leases involve legal issues that require a different set of skills.

So, do you need a real estate attorney? We say yes. Here’s why:

Complexity and the law

Commercial real estate is generally more complex than the residential real estate transactions you’ve handled in the past. It’s difficult to navigate all the ins and outs of a lengthy commercial lease or purchase contract. You need someone who can explain the consequences of the provisions within that contract and address what terms should be inserted to benefit you. This is what a real estate attorney brings to the table.

Also, depending on what kind of commercial lease or purchase you are considering, there might be local, state or even federal laws and regulations to consider.

Paperwork and negotiations

An experienced real estate attorney will make sure that all of your crucial documents are done properly – the first time. In addition, there will likely be negotiations involved in your deal, and an attorney will often spot provisions that your agent doesn’t that require discussion and revision.

Peace of mind

If you are working with a commercial real estate agent, you are likely starting or expanding a business. That’s what you are good at. What real estate attorneys are good at is making sure you get the best deal possible– that won’t leave you with headaches and issues down the road.

The Behal Law Group

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