Attorneys: Robert J. Behal, Jack D’AuroraJohn M. GonzalesGilbert J. Gradisar

Disputes and conflicts are inevitable in the life of a business. When they arise, we search for quick and amicable resolutions which tend to be the most economical and least disruptive to the culture of an ongoing enterprise. When this option is not available, we have the experience and skill to bring the legal system to bear for a prompt and fair resolution. Whether the forum is mediation, arbitration or trial, we keep the focus on achieving the best outcome at a reasonable cost.

Our experience as litigators helps us effectively evaluate the range of possible outcomes and risks our clients face in their disputes. Our reputations as seasoned litigators insure that negotiations are treated with appropriate seriousness and, when necessary, the transition from negotiation to litigation is seamless and cost effective.

Our range of expertise includes:

  • Contract disputes and enforcement
  • Vendor conflicts
  • Labor and Employment law including non-compete agreements
  • Compliance and regulatory disputes
  • Trade secret and brand protection
  • Mergers, sales and acquisitions
  • Stock and asset sales and purchases
  • Commercial real estate and leases issues
  • Real Estate matters including;
    • purchase and sale agreements
    • lease disputes
    • eminent domain
    • liens and title disputes