Behal Law partner John Gonzales wins $55,000 judgment

When a client of ours was unlawfully terminated from the medical practice where he worked in Lima, he turned to John Gonzales, a partner at The Behal Law Group, for help.
John filed suit to recover the money our client was due as a result of the practice terminating him without giving him 60 days notice as required in his contract—about $55,000. He had been with the practice since 2012.
Our client’s former colleagues did not respond well to being sued. They filed a counterclaim, alleging our client had been overpaid more than $400,000.
Because the parties were unable to reach a settlement, the case went to trial for three days last March. The jury deliberated for the better part of a day and found in favor of our client. He was awarded $55,000 in damages, and the practice got nothing.
The case was filed in Allen County Court of Common Pleas, and was heard by Judge Jeffrey L. Reed.
Our client was delighted, as was John. “It’s always rewarding,” said John , “to represent a client whose position was vindicated by the jury.”
John Gonzales has tried more than 100 jury trials. He handles business disputes, significant personal injury and wrongful death cases. John is also an adjunct professor at Capital University Law School.

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