I recommend Jack D’Aurora for any type of business litigation, especially those that involve franchise and/or real estate situations. In late 2007, I purchased a Tenn. franchise opportunity from an Ohio franchisor. I discovered in 2009 that the concept violated state real estate laws. I had to close my business and sue the franchisor for return of the franchise fee and ancillary fees. The first two attorneys I used were not adept at franchise law. An attorney friend recommended I contact Jack.

From the onset, Jack was professional, ethical, respectful, and focused on understanding what I was attempting to do. I am a collaborator, and he actively listened and responded to my thought process and legal questions. While clear in setting and managing expectations throughout the 2+ year process, he remained on point with both franchise law, my goals, and how the lawsuit itself unfolded.

I honestly believe I got the favorable outcome I did because of his expertise, ability to accurately assess the situation, and collaborative approach. I also believe he could easily and effectively dial-up or down his approach based on client needs and goals.

Thank you, Jack
N.O. 5/15/12

May 15, 2012

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