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New rule regarding overtime pay

Jack D'Aurora  Comments (0)
The Obama administration unveiled a new rule Wednesday that will make millions of middle-income workers eligible for overtime pay, a move that delivers a long-sought victory for labor groups. The regulations, which were last updated more than...

The step-by-step guide to firing someone

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Not everyone does it well, but for the sake of your company—and your employees—learning how to terminate someone’s employment is an important skill to learn. No, you just can’t turn to one of your charges...

The “fine print” and arbitration clauses

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People joke about the “fine print” in contracts, but often the fine print is no laughing matter, especially when it comes to arbitration clauses. If arbitration is heralded as being less expensive and faster than...

Ohio Bill Favors Hiring Veterans

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The State of Ohio is moving toward passing a bill that would make it legal for companies in the private sector to favor veterans and their spouses in their hiring and promotion practices. If the...