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It gets costly if you don’t play nice

Jack D'Aurora  Comments (0)
Do you remember your mother telling you to “play nice?” The importance of playing nice applies to litigation, as well. If you don’t play nice, it can get costly, as the plaintiff in a breach...

Contract terms can trump fairness

Jack D'Aurora  Comments (0)
Can you be misled by someone with whom you’re in contract and not have a claim for the damages you suffer as a result? It’s not common, but it can happen. In 2010, a Franklin...

Arbitration clause can be waived

Jack D'Aurora  Comments (0)
Arbitration clauses in contracts are becoming increasingly popular, and they often place consumers at a disadvantage,  a subject we covered  in “The ‘fine print’ and arbitration clauses.” Like most contract provisions, however, an arbitration clause...